Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Runner's World Event Director Resource?
The Runner's World Event Director Resource is a website that helps you organize, operate and promote your race. The site has content, features and benefits organized in three areas: registering your event, advice and tips, and an online store featuring well priced event supplies.



Why register my race?
The first step is to register your race with us to make you part of the Runner's World Race Series. There are many benefits to you and your race: 

Free race calendar listings on multiple race calendars and emails to runners and health, active consumers.
Get a free calendar listing on the following websites (total Unique visitors of over 8 million!): Runner's World, Running Times, Bicycling. Additional calendars are in development for: Men's Health, Women's Health, and Prevention.
Free listing in the "Race near you" email to runners
Runners are continually looking for upcoming events to participate in. Our monthly email sent to nearly 1 million runners highlights upcoming events in their region… a sure way to attract new runners to your events. Register your event at least three months in advance to be included in the monthly emails.
Free product samples, coupons and special offers for your runners.
Register your race at least three months in advance and be eligible to receive free product samples and coupons (when available) from nationally known sponsors to hand out to your participants.  Through our relationships with many large corporate sponsors, Runner's World can pass valuable samples and coupons on to you that you might not otherwise be able to obtain. In addition, as we meet with sponsors about sponsoring running events, we use our database to recommend events to them; your event in the database ensures your race can be included on sponsorship proposals to clients.
Access to sponsors
Rodale magazines and websites are continually meeting with national sponsors and advertisers to present them sponsorship and marketing opportunities through running events. Your registration ensures your race can be included in possible sponsorship or marketing programs with national marketers. Sponsorships in the past have ranged from bib sponsorships to title sponsorships.
Special pricing offers in our new store for your event supplies, marketing materials etc.
This event director resource will leverage the buying power of thousands of races with millions or participants to offer you a store with all your race needs at great prices. A one stop shop will help make managing and ordering your race needs easier, and will save you money that can be reinvested to continue making your event a great experience for runners. Registered races will receive special offers and promotions.



Why does Runner's World offer this program?
Runner's World has developed this site and will negotiate offers from vendors to sell products in our store in order to bring help race directors promoted, manage and operate their events. Runner's World can help bring runners to your events through numerous means, we can provide advice from our experts, and we can leverage the relationships we have with thousands of races to ensure vendors offer great event supplies at the most competitive prices available. All of this ensures that running events partnered with Runner's World continue to deliver a great experience to millions of runners.


Who is eligible to be a part of the Runner's World Race Series?
The Race Series is open to all running-related events within the United States (due to privacy issues, Canadian and International races are not eligible). If you are not eligible for the Race Series, you can still list your race on our online web calendar for free.


How do I begin?
If this is your first time using the program, please register here. You need only register once.


What if I have already registered?
If you already have a password, you can log in here.


What if I am having trouble logging in to the system?
Call 866-923-RACE or send an email to


When should I register my race?
We recommend that you register your race at least 3 months prior to your race date in order to receive maximum exposure for your race. When listing an event, it is best to do so as early as possible to so that more visitors will know about it!


What if I don't want samples or sponsors from certain categories of products due to existing sponsor categories?
During the registration process, there is the opportunity to opt-out of certain categories to ensure there are no sponsor or sampling conflicts.


If my event has multiple distances, can I have all of those appear in the calendar?
Yes, as you go through the registration process you will have the opportunity to add all of the various events within your event.



What if my race is cancelled?
Please call 866-923-RACE or send an email to to have your event removed from the program.


What kind of products are available in the store?
The store has basic race supplies including: bibs, bags, start/finish line tapes, and safety pins. The launch will have basic Runner's World branded bibs and tapes, but soon you will be able to customize the bibs and start/finish tapes with you event name. Future products will include marketing materials (postcards, entry forms, posters, flyers), digital marketing tools, apparel for participants (tshirts, hats, shorts etc), medals, heat sheets etc. The goal is to have the store become a one-stop-shop for your race supplies.


Why are your prices so competitive?
Over the years Runner's World has built relationships with thousands of events with millions of participants. We have also developed relationships with many of the national vendors that supply the larger races. The store offers an opportunity for the races to benefit from the "buying power" of thousands of similar events, and it also offers a store front for vendors to reach smaller, grass roots events that they have not done business with in the past. We have also kept the prices as low as possible to ensure you get the most out of your operating budget.


How can I be notified of new products being added to your store?
When you register your race, we ask for a contact name and email. We'll use that email address and send out periodic announcements when we have new products or special offers.